Life Development Classes
Foundations8 weeks
1.People of Purpose
2.A Matter of Life and Death
3.Life on Planet Earth
4.The Great Exchange
5.The Holy Spirit and You
6.Praise, Worship and Prayer
7.Saved to Serve
8.Let’s Get Together
MembershipHalf-Day Class (lunch provided)
Maturity13 weeks
1.Submission & Authority (Part 1)
2.Submission & Authority (Part 2)
3.Faithfulness (Part 1) “Stewardship”
4.Faithfulness (Part 2) “General”
5.The Baptism in (or with) The Holy Spirit
6.The Gifts of The Spirit
7.The Fruit of The Spirit (Part 1)
8.The Fruit of The Spirit (Part 2)
9.Motivational Gifts (Part 1)
10.Motivational Gifts (Part 2)
11.Discovering Your Gifts (Part 1)
12.Evaluation (Part 2)
13.Being Planted
Ministry(Lay Ministry Training) 11 weeks
1.The Invitation
2.The Response
3.The Local Church Proving & Preparation (Part 1)
4.The Local Church Proving & Preparation (Part 2)
5.The Choosing (Part 1)
6.The Choosing (Part 2)
7.The Equipping
8.The Placement
9.The Promotion
10.Progress & Perspective
11.The Perspective
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